Gabriel Alegria Gabriel Alegría
Instrument(s): Trumpet / flugelhorn / compositions / arrangements
Created the band: 2005
Favorite musicians: Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Sting, Eva Ayllón
Other interests: Soccer, cooking better than Huevito
Band nickname: “Cachema”
Laura Andrea Leguia Laura Andrea Leguía
Instruments: Tenor/sop. saxophones / compositions / arrangements
Joined the band: 2005
Favorite musicians: Chabuca Granda, John Coltrane, Los Valdelomar-Dávila, Roy Haynes
Other interests: Reading, gardening, the beach
Band nickname: “Frambu”
Yuri Juarez Yuri Juárez
Instrument: Acoustic guitar
Joined band: 2007
Favorite musicians: J.S Bach, Astor Piazzolla, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Pat Metheney, Ennio Morricone
Other interests: Film, history, astrology, chinese food
Band nickname: “Guardacaca”
Freddy Lobaton Freddy Lobatón
Instruments: Cajón, cajita, quijada (Jaw bone of an ass!)
Joined band: 2005
Favorite musicians: La Sonora Matancera, Los Embajadores Criollos, Lucila Campos, Oscar DeLeón
Other interests: Disappearing, cooking better than Gabriel
Contact: In person only or through the Huevito Tracker
Band nickname: “Huevito”
Shirazette Tinnin Shirazette Tinnin (Gigs abroad)
Instruments: Drums and cajón
Joined band: 2009
Favorite musicians:Tony Williams, Cindy Blackman, Terri Lynne Carrington, John Coltrane and Art Blakey
Other interests: The gym, Basketball, and happy people
Band nickname: “Tiger Tinnin”
Hugo Alcazar Hugo Alcázar (Gigs in Perú)
Instruments: Drums, cajón
Joined band: 2005
Favorite musicians: Victoria Santa Cruz, Chabuca Granda, Brian Blade, Roy Haynes, Jack Dejohnette
Other interests: Blogging, photography, education, YouTube
Band nickname: “Hombre Palta”
John Benitez John Benitez (Gigs abroad)
Instruments: Double bass, electric bass
Joined band: 2009
Favorite musicians: Everyone real
Other interests: Money, studying
Band nickname: “La Montaña”
Joscha Oetz Joscha Oetz (Gigs in Perú)
Instruments: Double bass
Joined band: 2006
Favorite musicians: Barre Phillips, Dave Holland, Charlie Haden, Cachao, Steve Coleman
Other interests: Family, running
Band nickname: “Teutón”


Past Members

Ramon De Bruyn Ramon De Bruyn, bass.
2007-2009.  South African bass player that held down the bass chair for two years.  Toured extensively with the Sextet throughout North America and Perú.  Ramón recently got married and is now developing his carreer as an educator in New York City.  From time to time Ramón sits in with the band.
Alexis Tamayo Alexis Tamayo, bass.
2005. Cuban bass player that used to live in Perú for many years.  Alexis  was the first bass player that worked in the band during the 2005 tour.  Back then, the band performed mostly “covers” of jazz standards on Afro-Peruvian grooves.  Alexis is an in-demand arranger and performer.
Valentin Carranza Valentin Carranza, guitar.
2005. Argentinian guitarist who also lived in Perú for many years.  Toured with the band in 2005 and then moved to Barcelona, Spain.  Currently Valentín resides in Argetntina and continues to play the guitar and compose.
Jocho Velasquez Jocho Velasquez, guitar.
2006. Toured with the band in 2006 and participated in the one day marathon recording of Nuevo Mundo, the band’s first CD.  In that capacity he composed the guitar riffs and harmony on “El Norte”.  Jocho currently tours with Eva Ayllón and continues to maintain a busy schedule as a top commercial arranger in Perú.


Honorary Members

Camila Meza, guitar.
Chilean guitarist, singer and composer.  From time to time the band calls on Camila who brings in her vocal abilities as well as her sense of class and good taste.  Camila plays both acoustic and electric guitars and has herself performed in Lima with her trio.
Pablo Menares Pablo Menares, bass.
Pablo has absorbed Afro-Peruvian grooves like the best of them.  He currently resides in New York City and is a busy sideman touring the world on a regular basis.  Pablo loves Peruvian food and drinks.
Edward Perez Edward Perez, bass.
Edward spent three years living in Perú and learned the grooves from the master performers in Lima.  His work has included original CDs of Afro-Peruvian jazz music.
Melissa Aldana Melissa Aldana, tenor.
Successfully subbed for Laura Andrea for two weeks in a row in New York City.  The first saxophonist to do so!  Melissa is an extremely talented artist currently living in New York City.  She comes from a family that boasts three generations of virtuosic saxophonists.