Here are some important testimonials about the Sextet:


Published Reviews

“The Afro-Peruvian Sextet is writing a new chapter in the history of Latin Jazz.”
- Rifftides

“Trumpeter Gabriel Alegria stands poised to introduce Afro-Peruvian Jazz to the world with a collection of strong performances on Nuevo Mundo that demonstrate the natural connection between jazz and Peruvian music.”
- All About Jazz

"On his sharp new album, Nuevo Mundo, trumpeter Gabriel Alegría teases out affinities between modern jazz and the African-influenced coastal music of his native Peru."
- The New York Times

“Alegria’s debut CD, Nuevo Mundo, highlights the trumpeter’s original compositions pieces full of color and drive, reflecting an immersion in the black music of Peru’s coastal regions.”
- Time Out New York

“A fascinating glimpse into how jazz is fusing with regional music around the world.”
- LA Weekly

“Peruvian trumpeter Gabriel Alegría champions Afro-Peruvian music.  The hip asymmetrical bass line of Alegría’s El Norte is goaded by wonderful hand percussion and stickmanship on cajita from Hugo Alcázar and Freddy “Huevito” Lobatón.”
- DOWNBEAT Magazine

“An Inspiring Mixture of Jazz and Afro-Peruvian Music.  As more people hear Alegria’s honest blend of styles, they will definitely be looking for its inclusion into their future musical landscape.”
- The Latin Jazz Corner

"Nuevo Mundo is a luxurious recording, an album that is a must reference.  This recording reveals with intensity the powerful African influence on Peruvian music.”
– La República

“Nuevo Mundo should be the catalyst that marks the start of Afro-Peruvian jazz music's flight to the international stage.”
- El Comercio

“Every once in awhile there comes a musician who, when playing his or her chosen instrument, seems to carry within a vital life-force that is irrepressible.  Nuevo Mundo, abounding in energy and innovation could very well be one of the most memorable musical testaments to the meeting of jazz and its seeming alter-ego Afro-Peruvian music.”
- Latin Jazz Network


Endorsements from Artists

“The material Gabriel and his associates are producing is nothing short of historic.”
– Bobby Shew

“Gabriel is a wonderful trumpet player and composer who is creating a sound that few people have heard.  Very Fresh!”
– Maria Schneider

“Gabriel is a talented and inspired leader and a positive force in the Peruvian Jazz movement.”
- Ron Carter

“I can’t help but be impressed with Gabriel.  He brings a whole lot of great music to the table.”
- Bill Watrous

“Incredible!  We Americans sometimes have a bastardized idea of Latin Music.  It is great to get this information straight from the source and presented the way it is supposed to be.”
– Christian McBride

 “It was my great pleasure to work with Gabriel Alegria as a musician as well as a jazz educator.  I have no doubt that Gabriel will be a force for excellence in art wherever he chooses to work.”
– Tierney Sutton

“My life has been enriched by Gabriel’s vision and the great music he has introduced me to.”
– Ingrid Jensen

 “Gabriel Alegria is a brilliant and dedicated force in jazz education.  His expertise and luminescence are making a profound impact.”
– Shelly Berg

“Gabriel's music is a great contemporary blend of the jazz tradition with the pulse of Afro-Peruvian rhythms and instruments.  A natural fusion.”
- Ndugu Chancler